Welcome to our ranch

We are situated on  500 acres of some of our nations most fertile farm ground in beautiful northeast Iowa.  Besides being stewards of Loren's 5th generation family farm, Loren is sales manager for a car dealership and I teach high school sciences.  The courses I teach are anatomy & physiology, microbiology, genetics, animal science, plant science, environmental science, and biology.  I used to also teach physics and chemistry at my previous schools.  We look forward to someday retiring and spending all our time with our now grown children and our wonderful herd of miniature horses.  While we have family and staff on duty all the time, we respectfully require appointments should you decide to come visit the horses in person.

Below are some of the views of our facilities for our very pampered four legged friends.



Our pastures and turn out areas have lots of shade and overhangs for the horses maximum comfort.  The fencing is all horse-safe.  There are plenty of loafing sheds should they decide to go in... but at night, they all go into their indoor stalls in our various horse barns here.


This is our brand new state of the art foaling barn, complete with modest office and a wash-rack-grooming room.  It took the builders the entire summer to build, so landscaping and sculptures will be next years project !  :-)

This picture was taken from one of the long grass pastures behind the building site.  Many of our barns and paddocks cannot be viewed from this angle.  From left to right, you can see the large mare/foal barn, the new foaling barn, the indoor arena, and the old foaling barn.  Every barn has pasture and paddock attached to them.



The large "mare shed" has several 16 foot by 48 foot group stalls for 4 mare/foal pairs each, once they are old enough to leave the foaling barn.  Notice all our gates are see through for air circulation and for the horses to all see each other.  Horses are herd animals and there is a great reduction in stress when they can see and visit with each other.  This shed also offers several crystal clear sky lights  that run 36 feet long, making it very bright and airy.  There are also seven,  8 foot long, awning type windows for great cross ventilation in this barn.  There are several pasture options off this barn for the mares and foals to run play in during the day.



These are some shots of the interior of the 104 foot new foaling barn.  It has cathedral ceilings, made with the heaviest steel, cement footings, and is super-insulated.  Each stall is 10 feet x 12 feet, with its own 4 foot window for light and ventilation.  The floors are crushed limestone. The exterior side of each stall is top grade, varnished,  heavy pine, and the stall dividers and gate fronts I specially designed and had custom made.  They are made of aluminum, with diamond shaped see through expanded metal on the top 2 feet and solid aluminum on the bottom 2 feet.  Each divider is hung and latched in such a way that I can expand the stall size up to 10 foot wide by 48 feet long.  This could come in handy in our cold winter climate should we have late foals born that need room to run and scamper and play.  These pictures were taken before the lights, heat, and automatic door openers were installed.  Foals and their moms can play in the 10  foot wide aisle while their stalls are being cleaned, or they can exit through our 10 x 13 breezeway to their own private pastures.  The breezeway in the rear of the foaling barn, connects to the indoor arena barn via electric overhead doors, so they can be exercised in the round pen in inclement weather as well.

View of rear of foaling barn, the breezeway, and the stallion stalls that line the south wall of the indoor arena barn.

This is just outside the  10 foot by 12 foot wash rack & grooming room... prior to the electric and hot water heater added.